ITI translators and editors have relevant educational backgrounds in linguistics, years of translation experience, and deep knowledge of the subject matter in their respective fields of practice. Many of them work with several foreign languages, and have strong skills related to the subject matter of what they are working on, be it technology, legal texts, IT, or gaming.


Project management is a very important part of the localization process. PMs organize the process in such a way that all the steps of the TEP process are performed according to schedule, with no impact caused by human error visible to the customer.

Our PMs are highly qualified owing to the extensive experience they gain before becoming independent managers as PM Assistants. This is needed to thoroughly understand the peculiarities of the localization process and all the tools involved; to work with freelancers and in-house executives, and to learn how to learn.

Therefore, a new, rising PM star is already familiar with how the workflow is set up and with all the challenges involved. Furthermore, the PM is not only able to follow the company’s time-tested strategy, but also can modify standard procedures in order to offer optimal solutions that are aimed at delivering the highest quality. That means, ultimately, that a good PM is the critical point of contact for both the customer and all of the people involved in the project.

Developers and Engineers

ITI technical specialists not only have a higher technical education, but also a passion for processing languages and for the automation of localization procedures. ITI developers can do almost everything. They are well-trained when it comes to working in all CAT-tools and environments alike, and help our managers to optimize the localization process and bring into play any additional elements that can improve the ultimate customer experience.

By knowing about current and foreseeable localization needs, our software engineers have deployed several in-house automation solutions, and have also created a unique MultiQA system that possesses advanced terminology management and QA options. In 2015, MultiQA technology was acquired by ContentQuo, a technology startup building a fully web-based, 360-degree localization quality management platform for corporate localization teams and their LSPs.

DTP Specialists

DTP specialists at ITI have the necessary education, which is generally technical and design-oriented. They are familiar with all the popular applications and formats and, if needed, are ready for never-ending learning. In fact, all team members, regardless of their roles, work in close cooperation to constantly exchange knowledge and best practices, and strive to improve their development further.