Software Engineering

The Engineering (IT) Department has existed in ITI Ltd. since the day the company was set up in 1992.

The IT department is closely connected with our localization branch. All engineering solutions have been inspired by the pertinent demands of our managers, linguists and partners. As a result, the localization department benefits from automation by getting many routine tasks automated in an efficient way.

Originating with a small team of software engineers, our IT department has grown into a self-contained team of professionals. They have developed and deployed the following solutions:

  • ITI Checker (a tool for automated QA checks);
  • ITI Updater (an add-in for automatic entering of changes made to QA reports into the working bilingual files);
  • (an online tool for terminology management and control);
  • ITI Composer (a tool with an online resources schedule which is incorporated into our Project Tracking System);

and many more.

In 2015, our engineers started a major update of ITI’s internal products and tools, such as the ITI Composer tool, at the same time providing technical support for localization processes on multiple levels.

We also offer software engineering services concerning linguistic and managerial matters. We enjoy integration and sharing, and believe that together we can help to automate linguistic processes in order to guarantee top quality multilingual content.