Materials Preparation

If you have source language materials and want them to be prepared for translation, we’d like to offer you the following services:

  • Text Recognition

If you are new to the localization business or too busy for such time-consuming tasks as text recognition or retyping text from images & PDF files, it is cheaper and more convenient to ask somebody to do this work for you. On the one hand, you will get ready-for-translation materials within a short period of time. On the other hand, this work will be done professionally by people who know how to do it.

  • Audiotext Recognition

Our professionals, who have a perfect ear and are familiar with the grammar and spelling of both the source and the target languages, will “extract” the text from the source audio-files.

  • File Conversion

Our team will convert the files into the format which is the most convenient for localization in next to no time!

  • Text Mark-up

Some words in the text need no translation (e.g. product names, programming elements, database names, etc.). If you are going to reduce the translation budget by means of TM and CAT-tools, we can help you to cut the word count. It is the easiest way to optimize the costs of the project.

  • Glossary Creation

We believe that every translation must be consistent, fluent, and easy to read and understand. Terminology is the basis for an easy understanding of all texts (especially technical texts). That’s why not only do we include terminology mining and glossary maintenance in every translation project, we also offer glossary creation as a service. Term selection is performed automatically with the help of various tools and subsequently the list of extracted terms is polished up manually by our experienced linguists. We can also translate a glossary into any language(s). Translation of the glossary is performed by subject matter experts.

  • Scripting

If you have a translated script in a text format, then you definitely need to have it prepared for sound recording. The main difficulty here is making the text easy to read. For this purpose, you need to write numbers in words, transliterate foreign words, etc. As a company offering sound recording services, we know perfectly well how to do this and can lift this burden from your weary shoulders!

  • Aligning

If you have many texts already translated without CAT-tools and want to optimize the process of translation, as well as save money on localization, we offer our services in aligning. Aligning is the process of corresponding the source to the target segment by segment. All we need is the source document(s) and the translated document(s). The outcome of this procedure is a new and totally operable TM which is ready for use in CAT-tools.